Quantum Healing 

We live in an exciting time on this planet.  We have more energy, experience and support available to us, than we have ever had before! 


We are being called to be "Conscious Creators" and this requires us to take RESPONSIBILITY for our energy, our lives and our personal matrix. 


Many of you are being called forth into your Divine Destiny and Purpose. You FEEL a strong desire to expand and you KNOW there is so much more to your life!


The last 3 decades have gifted me with experience and remembrance beyond the limitations of my human mind/ego/personality self.  I have been able to free myself of the constraints of old and "vibe up" to integrate my Higher Self.  


This integration within me, has bought about CLARITY and a new "working relationship" with myself and my team BEYOND the Veil.  


What you become is your offering to the world.  I live what I call an "integrated life" in a human incarnation with seamless access to my "Expanded /Multidimensional Self" beyond Earth.


I now recognize that part of my purpose is to assist others with the same desire.  When you do this you become your OWN GUIDE and operate with inner KNOWING. 


When I work I experience myself as a "Doorway to the Quantum".  I offer "Quantum processes" that enable you to re-calibrate to your OWN Higher Self/Aspects and in turn access your UNIQUE wisdom. We are at a time in our Human Evolution whereby our planet requires your wisdom.


QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is an IN PERSON process, whilst IYL- Integrate Your Life and The Quantum Session are held ONLINE over Skype, all around the world.  


Quantum processes access the Quantum Field beyond the Veil, where your Higher Self, Soul, Over Soul, Spirit Team, Aspects, I AM presence and wisdom resides.

Deborah Collings, Quantum Healing Hypnosis ,QHHT Practitioner,Bayside Melbourne Australia, Integrate Your Life, IYL


Do you second guess everything?  Feel you are running in circles?  Are you living with Fears?  Feel reclusive due to over sensitivity to others? Have problems maintaining your own boundaries?  Have problems maintaining a sense of balance within? Find yourself in a cycle of self sabotage even though you are aware of it?  Have manifested disease?  Have unexplainable physical problems? Feel you have energetic interference or just want to explore your potentials, purpose and or origins these services will absolutely empower you.  


You are not broken so do not need fixing!  It is much more about alignment WITHIN you. This expands your awareness, which brings a new level of clarity. This clarity brings wholeness to your current life and human experience.


Know within your own "Quantum Session" we can also help your children and loved ones. Our intention is always pure and to bring forth more wholeness and wisdom to all you are connected with.


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